James Learns The best way to Say Tartar & Nicaragua

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James Learns The best way to Say Tartar & Nicaragua
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#James #Learns #Tartar #Nicaragua
James is happy to have Sheryl Crow on the present and is able to have some fun - however not all of the enjoyable. And after we get into the...
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  1. If that's how a restaurant SUGGESTS WE EAT THE SANDWICH, then they should SERVE IT THAT WAY!! THIS IS AMERICA!!! WE REQUIRE SUGGESTION!!! 😆😆😆🤙

  2. Speaking as an Australian, we do seem to have a habit of unfortunate names. In recent years in my town I have come across a child whose name is Logan Berry and another who is Honor Bender (which when said aloud sounds like 'On a bender').

  3. It's funny that James was yelling about dropping letters in words when lots of British people do that, depending on where they are from haha!

  4. LOL! Awesome. I'm gunna miss you James, but I knew/know you're built to be even better and bigger than this show forever, we were all just lucky to have you while we have. Looking so forward to this last year with you… ALSO you pronounce everything properly with the right enunciation and a knowing/lovely vernacular. As a Canadian, I STAN your vocabulary and the spelling, pronunciation and presentation of language you emulate. Americans could take a page….

  5. Can we all please not overlook the part where James had to ask someone to go take his BuzzBallz out of the freezer before it exploded because he wanted to drink it during the break? … I love this freaking show! I watched the monologue twice! 😂

  6. Why did no one address the fact there’s two r’s in tartar too. It’s not pronounced ta ta.

    The max dicks was Stuff was great. James says he’s straight but max dicks is actually his brand of underwear. They write the name on the back and their logo is an arrow facing downward dog for an upwards ass.

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