Easy methods to escape training’s demise valley | Sir Ken Robinson

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Methods to escape schooling’s death valley |  Sir Ken Robinson
The right way to , escape education's loss of life valley | Sir Ken Robinson , , wX78iKhInsc , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX78iKhInsc , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/wX78iKhInsc/hqdefault.jpg , 6098018 , 5.00 , Sir Ken Robinson outlines 3 ideas essential for the human mind to flourish -- and the way present training tradition works against ... , 1368201091 , 2013-05-10 17:51:31 , 00:19:12 , UCAuUUnT6oDeKwE6v1NGQxug , TED , 135003 , , [vid_tags] , https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=wX78iKhInsc , [ad_2] , [ad_1] , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX78iKhInsc, #escape #educations #dying #valley #Sir #Ken #Robinson [publish_date]
#escape #educations #dying #valley #Sir #Ken #Robinson
Sir Ken Robinson outlines 3 rules crucial for the human thoughts to flourish -- and how current schooling culture works in opposition to ...
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  1. The world doesnt need a professor or education to know reality or the universe, thats control, games, nonsense and abusive, anyone on the planet, can know the universe, devils, demons, gods, truth and have all powers, if you choose to know in your mind, as with, the truth is a whisper, its in your heart, you can feel it when people lie to you, second, anyone can speak for themself, do you know why the church used to claim that magic, demons, is evil ? cus they would run out of business if they revealed that demons can cure any disease, and cancer, word. love from norway <3

  2. He should probably have some kind of understanding of ADHD before mentioning it in a talk, even briefly. Instead he contributes to the stereotypical mischaracterization of ADHD which has made it more and more difficult to communicate with the neurotypical population about.

  3. This resonated with me. I was fascinated with chemistry very young and would, when no one was watching, create experiments to see what would happen.
    Fortunately I never got to the bleach and ammonia. I found another avenue for my questions of why, and what happens 'if", with computers but much later in life. Not as exciting as it was when I was six and making things foam though.

  4. In third world countries there are still many childrens don't get a chance for study or parents just sold them away (slavery, prostitution) they don't build a nation just do not care

  5. 7:10 teaching is not a delivery system, Ur not there just to pass on received information. Great teachers do that. But what great teachers also do is mentor, stimulate, provoke, engage
    Bcs in the end education is about learning
    13:10 investing in professional development is not a cost it's an investment. Australia, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, sunhai they know that
    14:20 happened inspite of it not bcuz of it

  6. Leaving millions of children behind was the point of No Child Left Behind. No Child Left Behind was the brainchild of the demons at the Friedman Foundation whose stated goal is to undermine public education in America.

  7. Sadly, we lost Sir Kenneth Robinson in 2020. He was a brilliant, well spoken and engaging man who has no equal in his knowledge of teaching and learning. I have seen many of his talks and his insight why the American education system is broken.

  8. Those who can’t get along well with others are arrogant and attached to the self. It is noble for them to let go of the perception of self.

    ——Words of Wisdom from Buddhist Master Jun Hong Lu (Volume 8)

  9. Gran vídeo. Pero permítanme hablar de algo importante, veo que muchos jóvenes y viejos cometen errores que creo que no deberían ser. Creo que todos, jóvenes o mayores, deberían tener un plan de inversión que aumente su rendimiento financiero de tres cifras a seis cifras. La inversión puede ser tu plan de jubilación o plan de futuro, según lo que quieras, pero lo más importante es que tengas una inversión que sea rentable.

  10. From Idiots for Idiots, if you are to stupid and your kids are stupid, you will create stupid idiots, and to hide a country of stupid idiots, so you declare, no tests, are good and to declare being an idiot is a gift – simple bullshit…mass media makes kids snd adults full.idiots on purpose, the worst result in education have countries this idiot is promoting – Idiocracy is a movie which shows the reality, and the result of alternativ education – a society of lieing hypocrats – declaring idiots as giftet people and lieing again

  11. Is an 'A' grade student 'intelligent', or just a very adept copyist? A wonderful box-ticker? Very good at doing as s/he is told? Trying to please their parents? Desperate to be seen as 'superior'? Thinking only about the rewards for ticking the reward givers boxes in the order the reward giver wants them ticked? Subservient through apathy and/or greed?

    More importantly, would a true intelligence not allow itself a margin of error, just to avoid these possible self-destructive pitfalls? Or at least consider their possibility?

  12. I was educated in a way that made me dynamically different to most people,, now that I'm here everyone hates my guts, sorry but there isn't much i can do about that now…

  13. I haven't watched the video yet, but from the comments I assume that the main theme is: Make the kid want to engage and learn, make it fun! I agree. But I think that school and college is still necessary. I would not have gone out on my own to learn psychology, biology, zoology, etc. Even business. I learned a lot of that in college. (I'm first generation though with no university graduates on my mother's side though). We NEED to be brought step-by-step to what business, science, etc are. with deadlines. I can BARELY stand a 6 minute video on youtube about these subjects.

    Hangin onto every word a teacher is saying in a classroom full of engaged students who have read and have eager opinions on the subject, for the objective of the upcoming test and proving your worth, is A LOT more fun than "learning online".

    Also accredited colleges are universally respected (be careful of private non-accredited schools) and will teach you exactly what you need.

    Mainly: I would not have been exposed to many subjects at all if not for my undergrad education. And I especially would not have learned in depth about say, Phychology if not for being forced to read and read and read chapters about the subjects. Don't make it unnecessarily hard though.

  14. I used this for my final paper in my Intro to Sociology class–I'm planning on going into education. And this talk has, more or less, encouraged me to, ah, avoid standard schooling and instead make a beeline for the universities ;a;

  15. The lower non education conceit the good education people's discrimination with step on others characteristic or the bullying with dominant cheeky excuses, these resulted in their retributions! Dormant majorities even made worse a nation as a whole in education and so the then corresponding career in each sector in respective nation, the bad people's mistakes originated factors! Bleach of their darken matters unless the nations assume others are so stupid and blind in mind! Reality of bad people ugliness of both jaelous hatred greediness and harmful mind intended matters! Bad people pointing others regarding/prorecting themselves not bad and even pretending themselves as victims after hurt victims they made indeed! Don't such devils not feel scary about themselves as remaining wicked silence or loudly avoidance any their ugliness revealed and don't admit their mistakes DONE and AIMED! They have their worse lives they only deserve definitely! See how hk and Canada people are falling can demonstrate how what they are!

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  17. The pink elephant is that American society does not need a good education. People in gov't know this and that is why education is so poor in U.S. Poor educations is by design, its on purpose. Not much anyone can do anything about it. If, at some point in the future there is a need for good education, it will happen over night.

  18. The humor is so excellently peppered throughout without being too much. I think it's that reserved British delivery 😉

  19. I was with him on all points except when he mentioned South Korea. Highest suicide rate of students in the world. Completely uncreative and monolithic standardised environment. Other than that I agree generally.

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