Dangerous drivers & Driving fails – discover ways to drive #469

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Bad drivers & Driving fails – learn how to drive #469
Be taught , Dangerous drivers & Driving fails -learn learn how to drive #469 , , AqBIIXmKNLU , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqBIIXmKNLU , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/AqBIIXmKNLU/hqdefault.jpg , 122393 , 5.00 , ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH OWNERS PERMISSION All footage is edited and I add a storyline and my commentary. This is ... , 1651535524 , 2022-05-03 01:52:04 , 00:08:05 , UC8FpG11hqfqr8n9a9LcxKzA , RR&BD Driving School , 2606 , , [vid_tags] , https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=AqBIIXmKNLU , [ad_2] , [ad_1] , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqBIIXmKNLU, #Bad #drivers #Driving #fails #be taught #drive [publish_date]
#Dangerous #drivers #Driving #fails #learn #drive
ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH OWNERS PERMISSION All footage is edited and I add a storyline and my commentary. That is ...
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  2. 0:48 I love animals. However, in his effort to save these animals, he could have caused the death of countless people. He acts as if he is the only one that can see these ducks. He is not the designated Duck Protector. The arrogance to say that he regrets nothing. Tell that to the judge if someone was hurt or killed by his actions. It is the utmost of narcissism and self-importance to say that what I want to do is more important than other people's lives.

  3. 1:24 Not an idiot there, people should be paying attention at all times, especially at intersections, so if someone hit you, regardless of legality, it would have been their own fault for not paying attention. 5:22 Dude, buy some new tires. Driving around on those is a danger to everyone on the road. I thought you were trained in high speed pursuits. They never mention tires in that training?

  4. @2:20 – biker pussy pulls out a gun he's carrying in his pocket and busts the car window, then runs away like a bitch. And bikers wonder why people think they're scum.

  5. Toasty ghostly. Yes. You are an idiot. That was F%}£>¥G stupid. It’s a fricken bird, not a child. You could’ve been t-boned by a car traveling 45 mph and injured yourself or someone else…over a fricken bird.

  6. 5:06 "where the criminal becomes the victim" You sure do talk like a pig. One that only made it eight years because of misconduct maybe? Oink oink.

  7. z Edge we don't care that you were a police officer you think because you were a police officer you're a better driver than everybody else grow the fuck up you stupid jackass and your training is not that great for high-speed driving moron that's a stupid as saying that you've been trained on how to drive distractive lie with your cell phone or typing on a computer you cops Annex cops are no better than normal citizens when it comes to driving you are mental case who thinks you're better than other people cuz you were a cop well guess what you're no longer a cop you failed at your job also you were armed and you're ready to defend yourself with that weapon when the guy had no weapon at all this is a typical reaction of the terrorists police officers the criminals the always have to State I was armed and I was going to use my weapon because I believed I was going to get physically attacked while I sat in my car protected by the doors in the metal around it it is time to grow up police officer ex-police officer fired police officer we may never know but maybe it's a good thing you are not a cop anymore

  8. now this is a typical fucking thing to see with motorcyclist pulling out weapons to smash out windows because they're angry little people with small penises this is why people hate motorcyclist so much and they are Target's it is people like this motorcyclist if I was the guy in the car I would have probably ran the stupid motherfucker over because he had a gun I would have also been on the phone with the cops telling of this guy had a gun and threatened my life I'm going to execute them that is what he deserves he does not deserve a family he does not deserve anything this is a criminal that needs to be dealt with immediately before he murders innocent people this biker is nothing more than a horrible Criminal

  9. toasty ghosty I'm sorry to burst your helpful little bubble but what you did could have caused an accident and you would have been 100% at fault no matter what you do not do stupid shit like that when animals are crossing the street it's a freaking duck you let it get run over because what you are doing will kill somebody you are a bad driver

  10. 0:33 sec. Drama queen Cammer.
    1:24 sec. You did better than good. I commend you !
    1:48 sec. Even on two wheels, cammers are blind !
    5:52 sec. Cammer can't be faulted for this one. This happens to the best of us and besides I love the word "pugnacious" ! Haven't seen that word for ages. Good one.

  11. Thank you for saving those ducks. It takes 1 min to not be a piece of shit, people are in a hurry just too much

  12. AWWW awesome guy for stopping to ensure the duck and her duckling made it across. Thank you!!! And the lady yelling thank you, thinks you did the right thing too.

  13. 1:24 Meh, I would say both are idiots. The cammer was a little extra, but the red car was clearly inconsiderate and doesn’t care about animals.

  14. 0:48 good Job helping the ducks, she got only one duckling left, I guess the other 8-12 died in traffic 🙁

  15. 0:20 Defensive driving? The word you're looking for is 'brakes'. You needed to use your brakes.
    0:35 Andoru, how fucking retarded are you? You're a coma patient waiting to happen driving like that.

  16. one clip I saw in a compilation gave the perfect reason to not road rage, a rager chases someone down and when the guy has to stop for traffic he pops out of his car with gun in hand. rager cooled down instantly. two clips in this vid bring it to mind. biker pulling gun and truck damaged by unlicensed driver who stated he was armed in his text during clip.

    keep your cool people, you don't know if the other person is armed or not.

  17. I analyze a lot of these videos there's a lot of them where people do have time to stop but yet they run into the car this one here nobody ran into nothing that I could see but I didn't watch the whole video all of them because I get so frustrated and disgusted with the way you people out there drive yeah it's easy for me to say because I don't drive and the town I live in not even 1% drive like you guys do out there on the main roads nobody around here gets an offender Bender they know how to drive in this town that I live in in Iowa you guys don't know how to drive you got three mirrors you get blinkers use them look at your surroundings pay attention and get off them damn cell phones you don't have to get on a cell phone you can put it in a some kind of holder and put the speaker on to talk you don't have to look at the damn phone while you're driving you still can talk when you get music on you're not looking at the radio are you to see where the sounds coming from you sing to the radio but yet when you get a cell phone you got to talk into some b** you got to look at it quit looking at it just put it on speaker help you can even program it into your speakers from your radio there you go right there but a lot of you out there you have time to stop or slow down but yet you always getting a damn wreck it could hurt you it could hurt your passengers your kids it could hurt the other people you don't give a s*** about your life or your girlfriend or wife or your kids why don't you people slow down pay attention

  18. 0:32 Talk about non attentive driving. You "Drive cammer" are a steering wheel holder. You turned a nothing burger into a mountain. As soon as you changed lanes it was obvious the guy wasn't going to be able to get out of your way. So instead of getting on the brakes right then, you come flying up and then stand on the brakes at the last second and swerving to the left almost in front of the guy. SMH.
    2:47 Steering wheel holder again. So focused on the kids on the bikes that they forget to look both ways before crossing against traffic that doesn't have a stop sign.
    3:49 That's what I like to see. If you allow them to get away they won't learn the lesson.
    6:56 lmfao! Guess the handle bar holder decided to squeeze that front brake lever a bit to hard…
    7:31 Homeboys bicycle would have been a bit flatter if he did that to me…

  19. 5:04 that was great handling of that situation. Thank you for your service as a police officer, I don’t know if you still are or not but stay safe

  20. I mean yes sad if the duck dies but really? Ur causing more harm trying to save it than jus it’s luck trying to pass an live. Either it dies or lives stop stopping for animals.

  21. you don't stop traffic to try and save a fucking duck you moron. you put how many people in danger by being a fucking cunt?

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